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Who We Are

Lokashakti is an organization that exists to promote the power of the people. We believe that within every one of us lies the power to create the world in which we want to live. Anyone who has a profile on Lokashakti.org, or uses the site in any way to become more involved with the worldwide struggle for peace and social justice, is a part of who we are. There's nonetheless a small handful of people worthy of special mention, having selflessly dedicated so much of their time to the creation and increasing success of our organization:
Lokashakti office staff, spring 2012

Office Staff

  • Will Travers - Executive Director
  • Benjamin Lipkin - Chief Web Developer
  • Chris Janik - Web Developer/Designer/Content Strategist
  • Chixin Chen - Web Development Intern, Summer 2012
  • Saikit Chan - Web Development Intern, Summer 2012
  • Molly Colman - Office Intern, Summer 2012
  • Amy Winograd - Music Intern, Summer 2012
  • Ford Bray - Music Intern, Summer 2012
  • Laura Reeves - Music Intern, Summer 2012

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Lokashakti office staff, summer 2012 Lokashakti office staff, summer 2011


  • Helina Kebede - Summer Intern, 2011
  • Ram Sharma - Summer Intern, 2011
  • Connie Mui - Summer Intern, 2011
  • Andrew Young - Office Intern, Spring 2012
  • Katherine Murphy - Office Intern, Spring 2012
  • Natasha Babazadeh - Office Intern, Spring 2012
  • Xiaodi Xing - Web Development Intern, Spring 2012
  • Franklin Cheung - Web Development Intern, Fall 2011 - Summer 2012

Board President, Executive Director, Guitar, and  Vocals - Will Travers

 A graduate of the University of Michigan, Will Travers designed his own major there in Nonviolence and worked to get a minor started in Peace and Social Justice, finally implemented in January, 2008. He also spent a year studying political science at Sciences Po - Paris, and classical guitar in Granada, Spain. Will played in hardcore bands as a teenager in Boston, including guitar for In My Eyes, and since then has been active as a solo artist, as well as in ska and punk bands around the country. He has recently worked under Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp, and spent a year living and volunteering as part of the New York Catholic Worker community. Will is the Founder, Board President, and Executive Director of Lokashakti, as well as being the main driving force behind Lokashakti Music.

Board Secretary - Dan  Mullkoff

 Formerly a judicial clerk in Houston, Daniel Mullkoff has been employed since 2011 as a Legal Fellow with the New York Civil Liberties Union.  Daniel graduated from the University of Michigan in 2005, and Yale Law School in 2010, spending time in Oregon and Costa Rica in between.  He has spent various summers interning at the Asociación por los Derechos Civiles in Buenos Aires, and the American Civil Liberties Union in New York City.  After his current fellowship he plans to continue in the field of civil rights law.  Daniel has also played in a number of bands throughout the years, including King Mob, the Tony Danza Xplosion!, and the illustrious Ramones cover band Havana Affair, where he successfully approximated an amalgamation of both Joey and Johnny Ramone.  After acting as Board Secretary for our first three years, he currently serves on the advisory board for Lokashakti.

Board Treasurer - Rebecca Nole

 A native of New York City, Rebecca Nole is a former president of both the Inter-Cooperative Council in Ann Arbor and NASCO (North American Students for Cooperation), with headquarters in Chicago. Rebecca spent two years at the ALS Association in Portland, and three years for Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, where she helped families achieve affordable home ownership. She also plays flute, and was part of New York's City-Wide Orchestra and Boro-Wide Band in high school. Rebecca graduated from the University of Michigan in 2002 and is now pursuing her Master's degree in Urban Studies and Nonprofit Business Management at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.  At Lokashakti she holds the office of Board Treasurer.

Web Development - Benjamin Lipkin  Benjamin Lipkin has been Chief Web Developer at Lokashakti since its inception in 2009.  After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2004, Benjamin took an early retirement in Portland, Oregon followed by a long vacation in Chicago, where he earned an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He boasts over 14 years of experience in web development, design, and programming, showcased in no small part by the magic he continually works on this very site.  A New York City resident and habitual Critical Mass participant, Benjamin bikes in every type of weather imaginable, uses more sriracha than any human should, and also enjoys recreational use of the drums.

Advisor - Bryan Farrell  Originally from New Jersey, Bryan Farrell is a Brooklyn-based writer who also teaches classes on the history of rock and roll at Pennsylvania State University.  Having completed his undergraduate studies in journalism also at Penn State, Bryan is currently pursuing his Master's degree at NYU's Gallatin School in environmental studies and media activism.  Bryan is a co-founder and editor of Waging Nonviolence, a news and analysis blog covering nonviolent movements around the world.  His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Nation, Mother Jones, The Progressive, and Slate.  A former researcher for Rolling Stone, Bryan is currently Co-editor for the Lokashakti Records blog, Protest Music.  He also serves on Lokashakti's advisory board.  You can visit his website here.
Advisor - Eric Stoner  Based in Brooklyn but raised in Illinois, Eric Stoner is an adjunct professor at St. Peter’s College in New Jersey, where he teaches intro classes on both nonviolence and social justice.  His articles as a freelance journalist have appeared in The Guardian, Mother JonesThe Nation, and Sojourners. Having earned a Master's degree from the UNESCO Peace & Development Studies Program in Castellon, Spain, Eric recently returned from Afghanistan, where with Kathy Kelly he witnessed first hand the devastating effects of US military intervention.  A co-founder and editor of Waging Nonviolence, he is on the national board of the War Resisters League, and in addition to Lokashakti also serves on the advisory board of the Center for Peacemaking at Milwaukee's Marquette University.  Visit his website at EricStoner.net.

Advisor - Sonal Shah  Growing up between the US and New Delhi, where she currently lives, Sonal Shah has long been interested in collaborating across and thinking beyond political boundaries.  Having graduated from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, Sonal is no stranger to the peace and justice movement, but has only recently started engaging on a more direct level.  She has worked as a reporter and editor at various publications, earned a Master's in journalism from Columbia University, and is now editor of Time Out Delhi.  She also writes for the Lokashakti Records blog Protest Music, and intermittently maintains her own journal about life in India called The Last Barsati.  She is especially keen on the intersection between nonviolence, social movements, and the arts — particularly the acoustic guitar.  Sonal is the current Board Secretary for Lokashakti.



If you're interested in joining our team in any capacity, we're always looking for help.  Please see our Volunteer Opportunities page for further information and definitely be in touch.  Feel free to also browse our listings on Idealist.org in addition to what we post here.  As we receive funding, paid positions will eventually become available.  Please check back with us regularly to see if anything has come up. 

Lokashakti is an equal opportunity employer.  We recognize diversity as the basis upon which the power of the people is built, and accordingly, remain firmly committed to maintaining a diverse workplace as we build our organization, as well as a diverse community of activists as we work to help build the global movement for peace and social justice.
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