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  1. World Wildlife Fund - US

    Category: Groups/Organization
    World Wildlife Fund - US
    ...  Part of their mission is to seek to instill in people everywhere a discriminating, yet unabashed, reverence for nature and to balance that reverence with a profound belief in human possibilities. From ...

  2. World Land Trust

    Category: Groups/Organization
    World Land Trust
    ... of the world. To conserve their biodiversity, with emphasis on threatened habitats and endangered species. To develop partnerships with local individuals, communities and organisations to engage support ...

  3. WBAI

    Category: Groups/Organization
    ... Pacifica Foundation was launched by pacifist Lew Hill in 1949 with the first ever listener funded radio station - KPFA, Berkeley. The Pacifica Mission called for radio that would foster understanding amongst ...

  4. War Resisters League

    Category: Groups/Organization
    War Resisters League
    ... of our society. We believe in the transformative power of nonviolent action in our communities, in our world, and in ourselves. We invite you to walk this path with us, away from all forms of militarism ...

  5. Walden Pond

    Category: Groups/Place
    Walden Pond
    ... 600,000 people visit the site each year today. The Reservation includes the 102-feet deep glacial kettle-hole pond. Mostly undeveloped woods totaling 2680 acres, called "Walden Woods," surround the reservation. ...

  6. Velvet Revolution Memorial

    Category: Groups/Place
    Velvet Revolution Memorial
    ... had been marking the 50th anniversary of the Nazi occupation. When they reached Národní, they were confronted by riot police, who charged, leaving hundreds severely beaten. Actors and theatre employees ...

  7. US Institute for Peace

    Category: Groups/Organization
    US Institute for Peace
    Peacebuilding: A Global Imperative It is essential that the United States, working with the international community, play an active part in preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts. Fragile states, ...

  8. Until That Day

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Until That Day
    ... and power to shame. Love is the way toward classlessness, where there are no longer upper, middle, or lower-class citizens. Love leads us toward true gender equality in every region of the world by seeing ...

  9. United Nations University

    Category: Groups/Organization
    United Nations University
    The United Nations University (UNU) — the academic arm of the United Nations system — implements research and educational programmes in the area of sustainable development, with the particular aim of assisting ...

  10. Transnational Institute

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Transnational Institute
    ... of activists and whose writings continue to provoke debate * building alternatives that are both just and pragmatic, for example developing alternative approaches to international drugs policy and ...


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