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  1. Khudai Khidmatgar | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Groups
    ...  Khudai Khidmatgar pledge in response, and surrounded the jail. More Khudai Khidmatgar leaders were then arrested, but this only fueled the protests. Workers in the region began a spontaneous general ...

  2. Ukraine's Orange Revolution | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Movements
    ... nature and huge size of demonstrations, the pro-Yushchenko campaigners were determinedly nonviolent, with organizers like Pora having been influenced by the writings of Gene Sharp. The campaigners were ...

  3. Serbia's Bulldozer Revolution | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Movements
    ... for Civic Initiatives distributed copies of Gene Sharp’s book From Dictatorship to Democracy to the organization. The International Republican Institute trained 400 Otpor activists in nonviolent struggle. ...

  4. Beyond Vietnam | Lokashakti Library

    Category: Library/Audio
    ... be paying almost the full cost of this tragic attempt at recolonization. After the French were defeated, it looked as if independence and land reform would come again through the Geneva Agreement. ...

  5. Montgomery Bus Boycott | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Movements
    ... African Americans were reported in those first days, but the general atmosphere was one of calm. Violence escalates again; bus service cancelled Then, in January 1957, the violent attacks intensified. ...

  6. 1989 Chinese Student Movement | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Movements
    ... revived a tradition associated with another historic protest seventy years before. In the May 4 Movement, 1919, a previous generation of students had called their elders to account and by their effort ...


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