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  1. International Peace Bureau

    Category: Groups/Organization
    International Peace Bureau
    ... a central role in the Geneva-based Special NGO Committee for Disarmament, which is a sub-committee of CONGO, the Conference of NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC. We are in close touch with our sister ...

  2. International Center on Nonviolent Conflict

    Category: Groups/Organization
    International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
    ... to influence policies and media coverage, and educate activists, organizers, and the general public. The Center uses television broadcast networks, the internet, and off-air and offline media to disseminate ...

  3. Institute for Policy Studies

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Institute for Policy Studies
    ... of us has the right to clean air, land, water, and food. We have a responsibility to keep the planet habitable for future generations of humans and other living things. IPS scholars monitor the negative ...

  4. Gray Panthers

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Gray Panthers
    The Gray Panthers are an intergenerational, multi-issue organization working to create a society that puts the needs of people over profit, responsibility over power and democracy over institutions. "We ...

  5. Generals for Peace

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Generals for Peace
    Generals For Peace is committed to eradicating world hunger by empowering the most vulnerable. What we do: - Inspire Communities to desire the end of hunger. - Organize activities to educate people ...

  6. Eugene V. Debs Foundation

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Eugene V. Debs Foundation
    Located in the house in which Debs lived for many years, the Eugene V. Debs Foundation exists to preserve the legacy of one the United States' most riveting yet least well known public figures. Concretely, ...

  7. Eugene Debs Home

    Category: Groups/Place
    Eugene Debs Home
    Home of Eugene V. Debs, labor leader, socialist presidential candidate, and human rights advocate. Visit Tuesday - Saturday, 1 - 4pm, and by appointment. Free admission. Closed holidays. HISTORY OF ...

  8. Electronic Intifada

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Electronic Intifada
    ... of documented evidence and fact-checking. We also publish news from leading human rights organizations, activists and news agencies with strong records. As a publication, The Electronic Intifada generally ...

  9. Dayton International Peace Museum

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Dayton International Peace Museum
    ... regional and international children, recognizing that they can and will become the next generation of peacemakers. Fred Arment and Lisa Wolters, experienced advertising professionals, joined the Dulls, ...

  10. Code Pink San Francisco

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Code Pink San Francisco
    ... war. Because of our responsibility to the next generation, because of our own love for our families and communities, it is time we women devote ourselves - wholeheartedly - to the business of making peace. ...

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