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  1. Greensboro Sit-ins | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Movements
    ... incident. Blair had been reading a comic book, “Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story,” published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Inspired by the comic book, McNeill, Blair, and two other A&T ...

  2. Resources

    Category: Lokashakti/Projects
    ...  The University of Bradford's Special Collections including the Commonweal Collection The Hoover Library and Archives at Stanford University The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. at Stanford University ...

  3. Myles Horton | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Bios
    ... for Myles Horton following his death. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished On the 25th anniversary of the Highland Workshops in 1957, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the featured speaker. The growing Civil ...

  4. Walter Reuther | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Bios
    ... years, which benefited every recipient – not just his members. The rights of all people was another battle that found Walter Reuther on the front lines. In 1959 he met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and ...

  5. Training for Nonviolent Action | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Concepts
    Training for Nonviolent Action The Lokashakti Encyclopedia of Nonviolence, Peace, & Social Justice An educational process that prepares people for participation in strikes, civil disobedience, ...

  6. Pacifism | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Concepts
    ... of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s nonviolent campaigns for civil rights demonstrated the power of a strategy that, while coercive, can also result in reconciliation. Indeed, as the twentieth century ends, with ...

  7. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Category: Quotes/Archive
    A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war, "This way of settling differences is not just." This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation's ...

  8. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Category: Quotes/Archive
    There is nothing except a tragic death wish to prevent us from reordering our priorities so that the pursuit of peace will take precedence over the pursuit of war.

  9. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Category: Quotes/Archive
    A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.

  10. Principled Nonviolence | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

    Category: Encyclopedia/Concepts
    ... issues. Perhaps all would agree that Mohandas K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. successfully extended principled nonviolence into societal conflict, achieving fundamental change without violence, ...

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