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  1. Witness for Peace - Mid-Atlantic Region

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Witness for Peace - Mid-Atlantic Region
    ... Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, DC. We, like national Witness for Peace, are politically independent, committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience. We aim to broaden and ...

  2. The Thoreau Institute

    Category: Groups/Organization
    The Thoreau Institute
    ... achievements, philosophy and his influence on the environmental and social movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. The campus is comprised of three primary structures situated on twenty-two acres ...

  3. St. Joseph House Catholic Worker

    Category: Groups/Organization
    St. Joseph House Catholic Worker
    A soup kitchen and house of hospitality in Manhattan's East Village. Part of the New York Catholic Worker along with Maryhouse and Peter Maurin Farm. St. Joseph House was founded in 1967 when Dorothy ...

  4. Mouvement National de Réconciliation du Bénin

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Mouvement National de Réconciliation du Bénin
    ... focusing on non-violence, youth advocacy and peace ambassador training. These workshops serve as their primary source for creating positive social change in Benin. At the request of the International ...

  5. Maryhouse Catholic Worker

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Maryhouse Catholic Worker
    ... St. Joseph House two blocks away, Maryhouse helps comprise what's known collectively as the New York Catholic Worker. One of hundreds of Catholic Worker houses each with its own distinct mission, Maryhouse ...

  6. Jamii Ya Kupatanisha

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Jamii Ya Kupatanisha
    ... in the primary school curriculum. Training and education programmes also target formerly abducted children. FOR Uganda has established peace clubs to mentor students in Non-violence, peaceful coexistence ...

  7. International Peace Information Service

    Category: Groups/Organization
    International Peace Information Service
    IPIS is a research centre that gathers, structures, assimilates and processes information into training modules, workshops, lectures, briefings, dossiers and reports. Our primary target group are governmental, ...

  8. City At Peace DC

    Category: Groups/Organization
    City At Peace DC
    ... works intensively with more than 50 teenagers from DC, Maryland, and Virginia who come from a diverse array of backgrounds. Led by a production team of returning cast members and assisted by a staff ...

  9. Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies
    ... In addition to introducing various nonviolence concepts and practices to the broader population, the primary purpose of our training efforts is to develop nonviolence leaders and to develop educational ...

  10. Carnegie Corporation of New York

    Category: Groups/Organization
    Carnegie Corporation of New York
    ... affirmation of our historic role as an education foundation but also honors Andrew Carnegie's passion for international peace and the health of our democracy. While Mr. Carnegie’s primary aim was to benefit ...


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