Lokashakti Copyright Policy

The Lokashakti Peace and Social Justice Network is an amalgamation of several different types of content, with a different license potentially applying to each. As such, the permissions and restrictions on use are complex and cannot be accurately respresented by one simple rule governing the entire site.  What follows is a section-by-section breakdown of the general copyright policy throughout Lokashakti.org:

Open Source Software

Open Source Initiative logoLokashakti.org proudly utilizes the open source Joomla! content management system. The word joomla is a phonetic spelling of the Swahili word for “all together” or “as a whole”, and the software embodies what we stand behind at Lokashakti - making quality online tools freely available to people around the world. Joomla! lists freedom, equality, trust, community, collaboration, and usability as its core values. Like Lokashakti, Joomla! is a community-based project that retains its high quality through the unfettered collaboration of a diverse group of people worldwide. It's also licensed under the GNU General Public License, which guarantees the freedom to share and modify free software, while ensuring that any subsequent modifications remain non-proprietary and open to public use. Joomla! is based on PHP, an open source development language certified by the Open Source Initiative.

Lokashakti’s country/region selector is one example of our own commitment to open source ideals. Our dropdown list of countries and regions was created with special consideration for self-determination movements around the globe, including all political entities currently recognized as countries, and a number of additional entities that could potentially one day achieve sovereignty. For information on freely appropriating the latest version of our dropdown list for non-commercial use, please contact us.

User-Generated Content

Lokashakti is a tool for fostering action, building social movements, and promoting values associated with peace and social justice.  Lokashakti is not a tool for making money. Accordingly, all user-generated data and content remains squarely in the user's hands. Content may of course appear on community sections of the site, in full accordance with whatever Privacy Settings a user has set, but rest assured it will never be used for commercial or advertising purposes. Lokashakti claims no ownership of either user data or user content, and anything removed from the site ceases to exist on our servers. If you have any concerns about the privacy of your content, it may help to consult the Privacy Issues section of our Site Help page.  Otherwise, please feel free to contact us for any questions that might come up.

Original Content and Code

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) Anything created by Lokashakti, including articles in the Encyclopedia written by Lokashakti staff, or the text of anything in the About section, is covered by Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike (CC BY-NA-SA). This license allows others to remix, tweak, or build upon original material from Lokashakti in any manner they wish, as long as a) it is not a part of a commercial endeavor, b) Lokashakti is credited as the source of the original content, and c) any subsequent license sought on the material is also the same CC BY-NY-SA. This model eschews traditional copyright protection in favor of openness and full access to information for non-commercial use.

Copyrighted Works Used with Permission

Some generous authors and publishers have given Lokashakti permission to post copyrighted material as part of the Resources section of our site. These pieces are clearly marked "Used with permission", and as such are not subject to the Creative Commons license outlined above, covering only original content created by Lokashakti. Any and all rights to these copyrighted works remain with the author and/or publisher, and any further use of this material beyond what we've intended on Lokashakti.org would have to be negotiated with them on a case-by-case basis.

Fair Use of Copyrighted Material with Attribution

Descriptions and images regarding organizations and events appear on the Network solely for informational purposes. Since much of this content is crowd-sourced, we ask users to when in doubt provide proper attribution whenever posting material about an organization with which they are not directly affiliated. This practice falls under Fair Use and neither implies an endorsement from the copyright holder, nor a partnership between the copyright holder and Lokashakti. This material also does not fall under Lokashakti's Creative Commons license. If a copyright holder discovers misuse or misrepresentation of their material on our site, they can either take control of the content themselves by clicking 'Claim This Page,' or else flag the material as a "Misrepresented or unauthorized page".  Feel free to contact us with any further concerns.

Reproduction of Content in the Public Domain

Public Domain logo from Creative CommonsSome material in the Resources section of the website utilizes material in the public domain. Those works have either never been copyrighted, or else their copyright protections have expired. In both cases, the content would not fall under Lokashakti's Creative Commons License. Since those works exist in the public domain, Lokashakti has no control over their use and reproduction. We've tried to mark this wherever we can, and we'll be sure to be diligent about this as time goes on, making sure that there's never any confusion regarding the proper use of the material we've made available.

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