Lokashakti Encyclopedia of Nonviolence, Peace, and Social Justice

Destruction of Own Property

An unusual method of nonviolent protest in which one's own property is voluntarily destroyed in order to demonstrate the intensity of one's feelings of opposition. Care is taken that no one is physically harmed, making it difficult for the nonviolent nature of the act to be called into question.

Dolores Huerta

Co-founder along with César Chávez of the United Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta's career as a community organizer has been almost as long as it has been distinguished. Even in her eighties, she continues to be active in the struggle for social justice.

Dorothy Day

Christian anarchist committed to living out her faith through a witness for peace, voluntary poverty, and service toward the poor. Along with Peter Maurin she co-founded the Catholic Worker movement on New York City's Lower East Side.

Egypt's 2011 Revolution

Although the heart of this ongoing movement in Egypt was Tahrir Square in Cairo, the demands, accomplishments, and influence of those involved have gone well beyond the resignation of autocratic president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, just three weeks after demonstrations had commenced.

Emma Goldman

Born in Kovno, Russia, Emma Goldman emigrated to America in 1885 where she later joined the developing anarchist movement in New York City. Goldman wrote heavily on anarchist philosophy, women's rights, and social issues. Her exposure to the libertarian writings of Johann Most had a large influence over the development of her career.

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