Lokashakti Encyclopedia of Nonviolence, Peace, and Social Justice

Henry David Thoreau

A citizen of Concord, Massachusetts and graduate of Harvard College, Henry David Thoreau became one of America's most well-known writers and philosophers. An ardent anti-slavery activist and skilled rhetorician, Thoreau is remembered equally well today for his writings on naturalism and the environment.

Howard Zinn

One of the most well-known historians in modern times, Howard Zinn became a voice for the oppressed, both in his writing and through his activism. He played a large role in giving rise to a radically different interpretation of history - one told from the perspective of the people. Zinn passed away in January 2010.

Hunger Strike

A hunger strike is a nonviolent method of resistance where participants refuse to eat as an act of political protest to achieve a goal. Famous examples of hunger strikes include Gandhi, the suffragettes, and the IRA hunger strikes.

Industrial Workers of the World

Industrial Workers of the World is an international union based in Chicago, Illinois. Also known as the Wobblies or the IWW, the union was most popular in the decades around 1920, where it represented somewhere on the order of 100,000 members.

IRA Hunger Strikes

A significant contribution to the field of nonviolence came in the late 1970s with the prison hunger strikes undertaken by members of the Irish Republican Army. This went a long way towards demonstrating that acts of nonviolent protest could become far more influential and effective than acts of terrorism.

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