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Kumarappa Institute Of Gram Swaraj

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Kumarappa Institute Of Gram Swaraj
Working on social transformation based on Gandhian principles of decentralized, unexploitative, cooperative, self-reliant and peaceful living. We aim to make sustainable development a reality.

On the Lokashakti Network since:
Monday, 03 December 2012

Year founded: 1967

Alternately / formerly known as:

B-190, University Marg
Bapu Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

Contact: Amit Kumar

Phone: +91-141-2708695

Fax: +91-141-2708621

Email address:

Kumarappa Institute Of Gram Swaraj on:

Issues addressed:
  • Peace / Nonviolence
  • Labor
  • Environmental Justice
  • Poverty / Hunger
  • International Development
  • Sustainable Agriculture


Kumarappa Institute Of Gram Swaraj
Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj was established on 4th of January 1967 (75th birth anniversary of Shri J.C. Kumarappa) with the sole aim of social transformation based on Gandhian principles of decentralized, unexploitative, cooperative, self-reliant and peaceful living. Economics of peace and permanence, as envisaged by Kumarappa, has been the guiding principle of this Institute.

We aim to make sustainable development a reality, particularly for the poorest of the poor, by transforming decision making into action. We are not so much a think tank, as a think-and-do-tank: for us positive action, leading to real long-term solutions, follows from our grassroots experiences.

Our Vision :

KIGS visualises a just and equitable society in which sustainable development can thrive. KIGS also envisages a society where the poor, the marginalised and under privileged have an equal opportunity for involvement in a development process which is value based and sustainable - and also have an appropriate environment to develop their potential to its fullest.

Our Mission :

The mission of this Institute is to act through realistic, innovative and sustainable interventions for building a capacity for Self Governance at grassroots level as propounded by Mahatma Gandhi in Gram Swaraj. Hence our primary objective is to empower the people through Gram Sabha (Rural Self-Governance System) and Institution building. Priority is given to women, children and socially and economically weaker sections viz., Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, small and marginal farmers. Working for the holistic and sustainable development of these people we can contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous society.

Our Objectives :

KIGS objective is to develop the tools to eventually enable people to meet their own needs. To do this, we concentrate our efforts on five priority areas :

1) To facilitate empowerment of Gram Sabha (rural self-governance system) to promote democracy and better governance and to strengthen both civil society and the security of the individual.

2) To support the full participation of women as equal partners in the sustainable development of their societies.

3) To study, research and evaluate rural problems and also the impact of the development programmes.

4)To help sustainable natural resource management which would reduce poverty and inequality and improve livelihoods. It includes working on sustainable agriculture, organic farming, animal husbandry, land use, rural technology and soil and water management.

5) To strengthen grassroots capacities by building confidence, problem solving capacities, resilience and skills among local people.

Office Accommodation :

Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj is situated at Vinoba Gyan Mandir, B-190 University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur-302 015. The location is in the heart of the educational area of University of Rajasthan, which is hardly 100 meters from the office premises. The Institute has a conference hall for public meetings, library, reading room for scholars, residential quarters and rooms for the office. It is well equipped with telephone and fax facilities and has two computers for office work (486 and Pentium). The Institute also has a Mahindra jeep to carry out its survey and rural development work in the villages. The library has unique and rare collection of over 10,000 books on subjects like Gandhian ideology, rural development and rural economics. The library is widely used by various government departments, university students and research scholars.

Our Strength :

KIGS has gained its strength based on its vision, mission, ideology and own experience in the field. Thus, we promote Community Organisations and People's Institutions in our working villages, then undertake all development activities through and in consultation with them ensuring community participation in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. To facilitate this process, we form Mahila Mandals (Women's Self-Help Groups) in each working village and train them to prepare micro level village plans. The groups work not only as people's institutions in their own villages but also as instruments in the establishment of a partnership and mutual trust between KIGS and the community. In this way, we primarily perform the role of educator and facilitator.

Our Achievements :

KIGS accepts the dictum that knowledge is power. We focus on dissemination of information to the people. Generating awareness by encouraging action on the part of the people is our method for empowering them. We also feel that participation enables people to take greater control over their own lives, of the problems that confront them, and the solutions that change them. Consequently KIGS promotes a participatory and need based approach in its functioning at all levels including planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and future planning. This is complemented by our belief that traditional/indigenous knowledge is a repository of development information. The two in combination define our approach to developing people's participation through knowledge.

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