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Charity Birds Hospital

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About This Organization

Charity Birds Hospital
A one-of-a-kind hospital that treats wounded and sick birds.

On the Lokashakti Network since:
Sunday, 30 October 2011

Year founded: 1956

Hours: Daily 9am-6pm

Alternately / formerly known as:
Also known as: Jain Bird Hospital

Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir
Chandni Chowk, opposite Red Fort
Delhi, Delhi National Capital Territory 110006

Phone: +91-11-3290-9216

Charity Birds Hospital on:

Type of network resource:
  • Animal Sanctuary

Further classification:
  • Religious


Charity Birds Hospital
Housed in a 17th century Jain temple, the Charity Birds Hospital was founded in 1956 to treat injured and unwell birds in accordance with Jain beliefs.

Funded entirely by donations, the hospital has a capacity of 10,000 birds, admits 60-70 new patients each day and treats about 30,000 per year. There are separate wards for different types of birds with different ailments, with separate areas for birds at different stages of recovery. The most common patients are pigeons, doves, parrots and budgies, peacocks and crows. The golden eagle is an occasional visitor but due to its tendency to eat other patients it must be kept in solitary ward. Birds of prey are kept on the first floor, but all birds are fed a vegetarian diet. Squirrels are sometimes admitted too. There is also a research laboratory and an intensive care unit.

The hospital has a 75 percent recovery rate. Every Saturday, part of the roof is opened and healthy birds are released. Those birds that don't survive are cremated on the banks of the Yamuna river nearby.

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