Lokashakti Library of Nonviolence, Peace, and Social Justice

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Peace & Social Justice Library at the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MAOne of our big ideas at Lokashakti is to carve out a place online where materials related to nonviolence, peace, and social justice can be freely accessed by people all over the world. Here we're making available well known, obscure, and long-forgotten full-text versions of written works, including books, letters, magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, pamphlets, poetry, song lyrics, and more. In the multimedia vein we'll be including music, video, full-length documentaries and films, speeches, interviews, flyers, photographs, art, and pretty much whatever else we can get our hands on, as long as it meets our standards of quality or historical significance, and fits in with the spirit of our collection.

Fully enmeshed with the Lokashakti Encyclopedia of Nonviolence, Peace, & Social Justice, the Library promises to offer unprecedented breadth and depth in the field as a new central information resource. We hope that over time it will become the most far-reaching project we have, eventually used by people the world over in researching and promoting peace, social justice, and collective nonviolent action. Click here for sample entries displaying the range of items we hope to make available. If you know of links to items in the public domain, or if you yourself own the rights to something you think might fit in with the mission of this Library, visit our upload page and help us build this resource!

Please direct any questions for our collection's curator to: library@lokashakti.org.

In the meantime, you should also feel free to browse the websites of these other fine collections:

For even more resources, the Holt Labor Library has a much longer list. There also exists a special collections search engine in the UK, allowing users to search the archives of over 200 British educational institutions. Large government listings such as the United States Library of Congress, or the European Union's pioneering system Europeana, are also making in-roads toward large-scale digitization. Other websites such as Open Library, and of course Google Books, may be helpful as well. If you know of a special collection you think should be listed here, please let us know.
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