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Remembering Howard Zinn

Bill Moyers Journal

Howard Zinn (1922 - 2010)This video essay by Bill Moyers remembers Howard Zinn, author and social activist who passed away January 27, 2010 at the age of 87.

Type of video resource: Television program
Program title: Bill Moyers Journal
Season number: 13
Episode number:
Segment title: Remembering Howard Zinn
Original air date: January 29, 2010
Length: 5:50

Description: Bill Moyers remembers historian Howard Zinn during a short segment broadcast two days after Zinn had passed away in Santa Monica, California, at 87 years of age.  Dedicated to peace, civil rights, social justice, the rights of working people, and the importance of nonviolent direct action throughout history, Zinn's life and work had become a significant factor in many ordinary citizens feeling more empowered to create change, as this tribute from his friend Bill Moyers deftly attributes.  This brief segment notably includes excerpts from a conversation between Moyers and Zinn broadcast less than two months earlier on Bll Moyers Journal.

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This program was created by WNET in New York City for national syndication by PBS - Public Broadcasting System.

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