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Civilian-Based Defense

A Lecture by Gene Sharp

Gene SharpThis video is of a talk given by Gene Sharp in which he speaks about the potential of nonviolent resistance and civilian-based defense when it comes to thwarting an incoming invasion. The goal, of course, is to come up with a realistic alternative to war, and Dr. Sharp has quite possibly done more than anyone else in the last half-century to prove to the world that one does exist. Sharp is shown here in his prime, having dedicated his career to the study of nonviolent action, and after years of teaching at Harvard and Southeastern Massachusetts University (now UMass Dartmouth) had become a gifted and moving speaker. There are few videos available which capture Dr. Sharp in his element, and this high-quality effort is truly an asset to the world when it comes to learning ways to move beyond war, towards a method of engaging in conflict that doesn't immediately default to a systematic political perversion of mankind's most base and ruthless instincts. — Will Travers, Lokashakti Library

Type of video resource: Lecture
Program title: Civilian-Based Defense
Date: Circa late 1980s
Length: 1 hr. 2 min. 23 sec.

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Video courtesy of the Albert Einstein Institution

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