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Noam Chomsky

A World of Ideas

Noam ChomskyThis 1988 episode of the Bill Moyers program 'A World of Ideas' contains an interview with noted intellectual and dissident Noam Chomsky.  He discusses honest dissidence, arbitrary government, social injustice, and delivers as always a scathing scrutiny of entrenched, centralized power.

Type of video resource: Television program
Program title: A World of Ideas
Episode title: Noam Chomsky
Original air date: November 3-4, 1988
Length: Part 1 - 26:23, Part 2 - 26:55

Detailed description: Describing his idea of honest dissidence, Chomsky condemns the organized institutions that hold power in the modern world.  In a true democracy, he argues, people would no longer feel removed from the institutions that control their lives.  Speaking during the Reagan 1980s, Chomsky argues this new form of dissidence is not directed at individual conflicts or issues, but at centralized power itself.  The interview may have been recorded decades ago, but his message could not be more fitting today.  As long as the media does not reflect the people's concerns, environmental realities are ignored in favor of human greed, and the two supposed political choices in the United states represent two factions of the singular "Business Party", Chomsky's words will have relevance and importance.

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This program was created by WGBH in Boston for PBS - Public Broadcasting System.

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