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Remembering Howard Zinn - Bill Moyers Journal

This segment was broadcast as part of the January 29, 2010 episode of 'Bill Moyers Journal' in which he remembers historian and activist Howard Zinn, who had passed away just two days earlier at the age of 87. As Bill Moyers describes, Zinn left a rich legacy behind of educating for social justice and popular empowerment.

Santa's Ghetto 2007 - Banksy & Co.

During his second trip to Palestine, Banksy once again uses street art on the security wall to make a statement about the West Bank conflict. This time, Banksy also brings along other prominent artists to create a pop-up Christmas gallery across the street from the supposed birthplace of Jesus.

Slavery in Massachusetts

An address delivered by Henry David Thoreau July 4, 1854 in Framingham, Massachusetts. The event came a month after a man named Anthony Burns was captured under the Fugitive Slave Act, held at the Boston Courthouse, and eventually returned to slavery in Virginia.

The Competition - This American Life

A beautiful and powerful episode of the award-winning radio program This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass, detailing how ordinary people can act to help make things right when economic globalization goes horribly wrong.

The Indignants of Greece - Assignment

Airing September 8, 2011 this BBC World Service podcast details the recent protest movement centered around Syntagma square in Athens, Greece. Inviting average everyday citizens to come participate, the movement demands a human solution to the Greek debt crisis.

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