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UN Refugee Agency
UNHCR was created in 1950, during the aftermath of the Second World War, to help millions of Europeans who had fled or lost their homes.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Year founded: 1950


Case Postale 2500
Geneva, Geneva CH-1211 Geneve

Phone: +41 22 739 8111

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  • Human Trafficking
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  • International Headquarters


UN Refugee Agency
In 1956, during the Hungarian Revolution, 200,000 fled to neighbouring Austria. Recognising the Hungarians as 'prima facie' refugees, UNHCR led efforts to resettle them. This uprising and its aftermath shaped the way humanitarian organisations would deal with refugee crises in the future.

During the 1960s, the decolonisation of Africa produced the first of that continent's numerous refugee crises. We also helped uprooted people in Asia and Latin America over the following two decades. In 1981, we received a second Nobel Peace Prize for what had become worldwide assistance to refugees.

The start of the 21st century has seen UNHCR help with major refugee crises in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We have also been asked to use our expertise to help many internally displaced by conflict and expanded our role in helping stateless people. In some parts of the world, such as Africa and Latin America, the 1951 Refugee Convention has been strengthened by additional regional legal instruments.

UNHCR now has more than 9,700 members of staff. We work in a total of 126 countries and our budget, which in its first year was USD $300,000, grew to USD $7 billion in 2015.

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