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Although we take great pride in our networking and organizing resources, is more than just a tool for collaboration. We also intend to help build the knowledge of the people, as the foundation upon which the power of the people rests. Our Educational Resources section — while still a work in progress — houses informative articles, full-text original writings, multimedia, and quotations from the world of peace and social justice. Continue reading to learn more about each of our three main resources, discover similar items from elsewhere online, and find out how to contribute to the collection.


 Lokashakti Library

Lokashakti Library of Nonviolence, Peace, and Social JusticeOne of our big ideas at Lokashakti is to carve out a place online where materials related to nonviolence, peace, and social justice can be freely accessed by people all over the world. Here we're making available well-known, obscure, and long-forgotten full-text versions of written works, including magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, books, letters, pamphlets, poetry, song lyrics, and more. In the multimedia vein we're including music, speeches, interviews, videos, full-length documentaries and films, flyers, photographs, art, and pretty much whatever else we can get our hands on, as long as it meets our standards for quality and historical significance, and fits in with the spirit of our collection. Here are the four main categories of resources we've created:


Fully enmeshed with the Lokashakti Encyclopedia of Nonviolence, Peace, & Social Justice, the Library promises to offer unprecedented breadth and depth in the field as a new central information resource. We hope that over time it will become the most far-reaching project we have, eventually used by people the world over in researching and promoting peace, social justice, and collective nonviolent action. Click here for our first 25+ sample entries, displaying the range of items we're putting together. If you know of links to items in the public domain, or if you yourself own the rights to something you think might fit in with the mission of this Library, visit our upload page, get an online auto insurance quote and help us build this resource today!

Please direct any questions for our collection's curator to:

In the meantime, you should also feel free to browse the websites of these other fine collections:

The Library at the Peace Abbey (Sherborn, Massachusetts)


For even more resources, the Holt Labor Library has a much longer list. There also exists a special collections search engine in the UK, allowing users to search the archives of over 200 British educational institutions. Large government listings such as the United States Library of Congress, or the European Union's pioneering system Europeana, are also making in-roads toward large-scale digitization. Other websites such as Open Library, and of course Google Books, may be helpful as well. If you know of a special collection you think should be listed here, please let us know.

 Lokashakti Encyclopedia

In tandem with the Lokashakti Library, we've also been working on a brand new encyclopedia dedicated to enhancing knowledge and awareness of the history of nonviolent action, with a focus on furthering the ideals of peace and social justice. With the regular addition of interrelated pages painting an ever more complete picture, we're hoping for the Lokashakti Encyclopedia to quickly become a trusted source of information, featuring well-researched and well-documented work, always available free of charge. So take a look at some of the 80+ sample articles we've put up, and if you think you might be interested in helping write for us, send an email to and we'll be in touch.

Our four main categories of pages include the following:

Henry David ThoreauBIOS: One of the many ambitious projects we're taking on is compiling a comprehensive collection of authoritative biographies on people whose place is significant in the history of peace and social justice. Similar to a typical online encyclopedia entry, each page will elaborate the contributions that people have made, devoting special attention to their relevance in today's world. As the project increases in scope, links will be added on related movements, concepts, and groups, as well as to complementary external resources. In addition, wherever possible we're also making available full-text versions of associated written works, art, music, etc., all of which are helping build the core of the new Lokashakti Library of Nonviolence, Peace, & Social Justice.

SNCC Historical Marker in Raleigh, NCGROUPS: Information on a good core of well-known groups we feel is key to being able to understand the ways in which nonviolence can work. To see how others have organized themselves may shed some light on the best ways we can organize effectively today. Akin to our bio pages, these pages on groups attempt to tell a story, all the while keeping in mind the bigger picture. They are an integral part of the Encyclopedia, serving as the link between understanding the importance and contributions of both movements and individuals. The Symbol of Jainism: Nonviolence in Thoughts, Words, and Actions is the Highest Religion

 CONCEPTS: We feel that a comprehensive treatment of nonviolence, peace, and social justice would not be complete without including explanations of some of the terms and ideas which come into play. We're not necessarily trying to redefine things here, but rather provide a certain consistent standard to which we refer back, helpful especially for concepts that are sometimes presented in a different light depending on where you look. Central among the pages being developed, we have in mind articles on everything from Jainism and anarchism to in-depth analyses of such techniques as civil disobedience, the hartal, nonviolent interposition, and many, many more.


MOVEMENTS: At Lokashakti we've also decided to try and house a master list of social movements throughout the years in which nonviolent techniques have played a significant role. With the aid of hindsight, we're able to evaluate decisions made sometimes on the spur of the moment and draw from them lessons on how the application of nonviolent action can be improved upon in the future. We therefore aim to compile a large amount of information on those who have come before, done in such a way that our actions in the nonviolent movements of today can reflect wisdom gained from having sufficiently studied the past.The Agrarian Reform Movement in Brazil

Other useful online encyclopedias:




 Lokashakti Quotes Archive

At the bottom of each page you visit on Lokashakti you'll find a quote related to peace, war, nonviolence, or social justice. Some are well known, others are more obscure, and we're very proud of the collection we've begun to compile — many of which aren't available anywhere else online. The Quotes Archive already holds 550+ quotations, and we're adding more all the time. We also plan on enhancing this section in a number of different ways, drawing people into related resources on the site, allowing the quotes to be shared directly through other social media, and providing comprehensive information regarding where each one comes from — a rarity in this day and age, when it seems like half the things you find online are either mis-quoted, mis-attributed, or both. If you know of a quote you'd like added to the archive, send it to us:

In the meantime, for a great example of the kinds of quotes we have up:

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