Support Our Organization

There are a whole bunch of ways for you to get involved in helping Lokashakti become what we hope to be. These can generally be grouped into three major categories:

1. You can help us build the power of the people by giving us a hand in creating our new website. This could be as easy as creating an account, or it could include making a permanent contribution to the site by adding an organization, event, project, or place to the Lokashakti Peace & Social Justice Network.

2. You can also be of great help indirectly by spreading the word on what we're doing. If you're part of other social networking sites, for example Facebook or Twitter, we'd love it if you joined us on there. If not, you can still tell all your friends.

3. Finally, you can support us directly, by donating money, time, or services.

 Help us build the power of the people

 Sign up for an account.  Lokashakti is unique among social media platforms because with us you help build global potential for collective nonviolent action simply by joining the site. Right now this is the number one thing you can do to help. It's also the easiest. It takes less than a minute, and allows you to take full advantage of all the resources our site has to offer.

List your organization with us.  The real potential for cannot be reached without a comprehensive listing of the organizations out there working for peace and social justice. Fortunately, there are so many of us around the world that it would be impossible to compile a complete and up-to-date listing ourselves. This is where the magic of crowd-sourcing takes over, as peace and social justice organizations, drawn by the prospect of increased exposure, find us, list themselves on the site, and begin to promote their work and events with the tools we've made available.

Add an event to the Lokashakti NetworkAdd events to our system.  As is the case with organizations, the more events that are added to the site, the more useful the site becomes. It's through events and actions that the power of the people is manifested, and momentum built to sustain a movement.  So far there hasn't been a universal go-to website to find out what's happening in terms of activism. The Lokashakti Network creates a venue for that by creating an ever-more-complete picture of upcoming and ongoing nonviolent action around the world, with the explicit intention of getting boots on the ground.

The key to making this work is to create such an extensive directory of organizations and events that people begin to count on Lokashakti to learn about what's going on, and get ideas on how to become more involved. This is why we need your help. We have a very small staff, with limited time and resources, but we've set up a system that puts the power in your hands, and lets you upload information about organizations and events yourself. Do you have to be directly affiliated with an organization, event, project, or place in order to add it to the site? Not at all. In fact we encourage you to add as many different Network resources as you possibly can. Read more here.

 Help spread the word

Follow @lokashakti on Twitter Follow us on Twitter.  If you have a Twitter account, make sure you follow @lokashakti to stay on top of things. We were skeptical at first, too, but as soon as some authoritarian government decides to launch a DDoS attack agaist us, we'll both be glad of an alternate means of communication.

Connect with us on Facebook.  Of course, Lokashakti is currently in the process of making Facebook obsolete for activism. In fact, there are a lot of reasons to choose us over them. But any site with a tenth of the world's population is still a great way to spread the word, and realistically we know you're probably on there, so you should probably just go ahead and add us to that big list of pages you like.

 Support us directly

Donate to LokashaktiDonate money.  Since we're a new organization with such extremely limited resources, we desperately need your help to continue doing what we do. With any luck, eventually other aspects of our organization will allow us more financial independence (for instance, our various music projects). Until then, however, we appreciate anything at all you can give.

Volunteer opportunities.  There are always ways in which people can be of direct assistance, volunteering their time and services to help us on our way. Donating time can be just as valuable a gift as donating money, and it's one of the most rewarding ways people can help out the struggle. Check us out on Idealist, or just take a look at our volunteer opportunities page.

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