The Power and Potential of Nonviolent Struggle by Gene Sharp


Gene Sharp, Senior Scholar of the Albert Einstein Institution, shares insights from his life study of how nonviolent struggle can work. For many years Gene and the Albert Einstein Institution have been mentors and catalysts for nonviolent struggle throughout the world. In this film Gene shows with example after compelling example what it takes to nurture successful nonviolent struggle. Military people trained in violence as the only way and people fighting against military violence can change their minds, hearts and ways as they learn how nonviolent struggle can work. Thoughtful strategy, discipline to carry it out, a willingness to learn and understand what people of a place want and will support are essential aspects of nonviolent struggle. Political power is not intrinsic to rulers nor is it monolithic. Political power is derived from the people of a place and will disintegrate when people withdraw their obedience and support. The film opens with a trailer of the award winning film - How To Start A Revolution. Gene gave this talk in 1990 at the National Conference on Nonviolent Sanctions and Defense in Boston. Since then he continues his work, ever more research, and writing that is translated into numerous languages wherever nonviolent struggle challenges non-democratic ways. Gene Sharp's books are available for order or free download from The Albert Einstein Institution's website: These include: From Dictatorship to Democracy, Self-Liberation, There Are Realistic Alternatives. This film is also available for broadcast on public access TV to download from Phone your local public access TV station and ask them to broadcast this film so your local community can learn about Gene Sharp and understand how nonviolent struggle can truly be a more realistic alternative to war and other forms of violence.

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